Freelance Writer

I am a freelance writer covering areas in technology, finance, entrepreneurship and business. I’m also an accounting professional and practicing enrolled agent admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

About Me

I am an adaptable freelance business and personal finance writer from Minnesota. I’m fascinated by all things business, tech and finance. I find it bewildering what people can achieve when they come together to make a difference in the world.

Apple’s innovations changed the way we experience technology. Microsoft showed us where we could go. Google taught us how to get there. We’re very close to Artificial Intelligence, 3-D printing, machine learning and virtual reality.

I believe there’s a lot more innovation coming our way. Just as I am enthusiastic about the advancements, I’m not blind to its side affects. What about personal advancements and innovations? For example, I was reading an article about a fascinating study by U.S Department of Education that reported that whether a degree is completed or not, the type of degree may be significant factor related to the increasing default rate more than the amount students borrow. According to the study, students with certificates are more likely to default on their loans than bachelor degree earners who borrow more! 

Just as I am happy about the tech advancements, I’m aware of the side affects. I believe in a balanced-approach to things, and that’s what I have to offer your business. Just as the name of my website implies, I have my way with numbers, figures, facts and the United States Tax Code. I’ll utilize my knowledge and understanding of finance in business and personal life, as well as relevant research and studies, to help create engaging content for your readers. I’m a perfect match if you’re financier as well. I also work with high-income professionals such as accountants, financial advisors, attorneys, doctors.

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Content Strategy

Writing that retains the readers and encapsulates the new readers at the same time. If you’re looking for content that resonates with an existing fan base, yet is unique enough to draw in new, underserved, or overlooked consumers this is a service for you.


Printed report containing information of an organization that is sent regularly to its members, customers, or people who are interested.

Landing Pages

Call to actions written in an appealing, marketing friendly, conversion-centric way. The copy is clearly results oriented by short to the point wording.


The ability to learn from others’ experiences without directly going through the hassles is a powerful human trait.

Guest Posts

Contributing to another person’s blog in order to build exposure, authority, and links. It’s a powerful tool that can enhance exposure.


Acting but in words – writing that specifies a tone or specific category where the requestor may posses a concept, idea, research, materials, knowledge or experience but relies on someone to put them into writing.

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