Coronavirus & Business

Coronavirus has taken an unwarranted toll on many small businesses including my own small accounting and tax practice. Being able to adjust to changes in your environment and market conditions is an important skill especially in business. A lot of businesses’ economic engines are at risk of breaking down. Despite increasing coronavirus cases and deaths, I’m still working hard to keep my business afloat. The shelter-in-place orders will enable to continue working remotely. I’ve been getting an influx of questions regarding government stimulus for businesses and families. For now, I will keep an eye out on what’s to come and adjust my behavior accordingly. This reminds me of the phenomenon of anti-fragility from Nassim Taleb.  The ability to respond to changes quickly is a form of anti-fragility. Even though I’m in a dire situation, I am glad I’m not an employee. I wouldn’t be able to respond to changes an income as quickly if I were to become unemployed, laid off, or contracted COVID-19. I urge everyone to stay healthy, safe, wear masks, and use proper protocols accordingly. If you have any questions regarding economic disaster payments and/or small business paycheck protection program loans feel free to reach out directly.



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