I’m Maurice. I’m America’s Millennial Tax Expert™ and founder of Ascension Financial Services. 

The Savvy Financier is a financial freedom and lifestyle blog for helping the current generation accumulate lasting wealth, shield themselves from financial harm, and discover what really works. I am building a community of savvy financiers.

The Savvy Financier is designed to be a tool to help you live your truth, navigate the uncertainties of life and provide you with comprehensive financial knowledge that’s hard to find.

The Savvy Financier shares financial education is a research-based framework so you can make more money, paying less in taxes and build long lasting wealth.

Acquiring worldly wisdom is a long and arduous journey. I’m here to document my journey toward financial independence and share what I learn along the way. Decisions should be based on the present and where you want to be. Not where you’ve been. When we want more… We search for more outside ourselves. I’m a firm believer of we become the average of who we are surrounded by. If you are someone wanting more out of your life, follow me, share your journey.

The Savvy Financier

I started this blog to help people gain control of their finances once and for all. This blog is also my documentary of reaching financial freedom and independence. This is an authentic platform to share my life with others and a way to hold myself personally accountable for my goals. Some of the strategies I share aren’t my original ideas. Some techniques require the expertise of professionals. Be sure to seek counsel from a trusted advisor CPA, Attorney, Financial advisor. Question everything. Figure out what works best for your situation and  hopefully some of these ideas prove useful to you.

If you're here to learn how to become wealthy, you're in the right place. I will share my tested research-based case studies of wealth accumulation strategies, and much more.

My Story

I’ve always been resourceful and took initiative growing up. When I was a child, I wanted to figure things out independently. Throughout my childhood to adolescence I have held onto my child-like sense of wonder. During my teens, conventional wisdom of going to college to get a decent paying job was losing value.

I grew up in a single-parent low income household with very few resources. I spent most of my early years teaching myself about personal finances. Breaking the cycle of generational poverty was my main goal. I read books on generational wealth, asset accumulation, behavioral economics, financial independence, early retirement and anything else that I could use in adulthood. The only area I didn’t know fully were how taxes worked in the US.

This was in a time where external data and rote memorization was a signifier of academic and career success. (A time when learning cursive was mandatory and threats of things going on your permanent record was a way to curb ill behavior.)I still remember my teachers snickering and belittling me because I couldn’t write in cursive as well as my right-handed peers because of my left-handedness. As a result, I taught myself to write with both hands!  I wanted to defy conventional thinking and pave my own way while showing others they can too.

Since came from a low-income single family household, I felt limited. I hated seeing my parent struggle to raise three children without a high school education. Subsidized public housing, welfare, food stamps (SNAP), credit cards and Earned Income Tax Credits, were a significant part of my life.

As a first-generation college student, I spent most of my leisure time reading books on generational wealth and poverty, autobiographies, slavery, agriculture, technology, economics and finance.  I learned that there was a lot more to socio-economic status than access to resources. I taught myself a lot about 401(k)s, Roths, 457(b)s, estate & trust planning, mental models, history and statistics.

I believe if you are born poor, its not your fault but if you die poor in a developed country, it’s absolutely your fault. I accepted the fact that we live in the most peaceful and abundant time in history. I am here to document my journey. I hope the content on this blog will be useful to you in becoming financially free.

Ascension Financial Services

In 2017, I decided start my own practice in the financial industry as a result of the recent changes in accounting and taxation regulations. As more people moved toward Internet businesses & distribution technologies, I saw a need for more hand-on information for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs in the form of advisory and accounting services.

During my high school years, I created financial statements for businesses, filed tax returns for both businesses and individuals, and had opportunities to teach and tutor various topics including economics, home-buying and financial literacy. Over time I developed a body of knowledge beyond simply preparing tax returns. As I gained experience and skills, I held various roles in both accounting and taxation, but I didn’t know what I wanted to major in by the time I was in college. I knew I didn’t want to work for someone else nor did I want to rely on my college degree as a first-generation student.

Taxation is the foundation of business structures and our livelihoods. Filing your W-4 or own tax return may be your first right of passage toward adulthood.

I had a feeling that the world was changing faster than preparing to become a CPA would take. By the time I became a full-fledged CPA, the world would be different. I didn’t want to rely on an accounting degree nor work for a CPA for 2 years to become one.  In 2017, I decided to plan and prepare to pass the Special Enrollment Examination to become an enrolled agent.

In 2018, I became the youngest in my state to become an enrolled agent, as a means to resolve tax problems. As a young millennial, growing up with the Internet helped a lot. I have a keen awareness how technology is affecting the corporate accounting and tax industry globally. These changes are now reaching the small business tax and accounting services industry.  In particular, the certified public accountant & enrolled agent communities are an aging community. Practitioners aren’t only retiring. Data security measures, TCJA and the push for do-it-anywhere services are just a few pressures pushing out brick-and-mortar tax and accounting firms.

Ascension Financial Services helps small businesses and households reach their financial goals.

What We Do – We help small businesses better understand the numbers without getting bogged down. Most entrepreneurs are spending too much time working in their business and not enough time working on their business. People come to us for our expertise but what we do is all about getting you to where you want to be.